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Learn how you can use cognitive biases for your marketing

In our whitepaper we share 11 psychological consumer biases you can use to grow your small- or medium-sized business.

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Our white paper goes beyond theory, providing you with real-world examples made to equip you with all the knowledge you need to easily apply it in your marketing strategy.

11 cognitive consumer biases explained

Learn more about the 11 most common psychological biases consumers fall for.

Marketing & branding experts' tips on how to use cognitive biases for your business

Explore the opportunities consumer biases hold for your business.

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Learned from Europe's best scientists and professionals and
trusted by growing start-ups and medium-sized companies around the world:
What’s included?

See what's inside our consumer biases white paper

All you need to know about consumer biases

By delving into 11 cognitive biases that are inherent in consumer behaviour, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively target and engage with your audience, ultimately leading to greater success in your marketing efforts.

Real-world examples to learn from

By learning from successful case studies, you'll gain practical insights into how to leverage cognitive biases in your marketing strategy, and achieve greater success in engaging with your target audience.

Tips and hacks to use biases to your advantage

You will learn how to incorporate cognitive biases into your marketing strategy to effectively expand your customer base. This knowledge will empower you to seamlessly implement psychological strategies and boost your business's growth.


Our white paper includes 35 pages on consumers' biases

With this extensive knowledge about cognitive biases you'll be equipped with a powerful tool to set yourself apart from the competition. You'll be able to effectively leverage psychological tools that your competitors may not be aware of, ultimately giving you an unfair advantage in growing your client base. Take the first step towards achieving greater success in your marketing efforts and gaining an edge over your competition.

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What are people saying about our whitepaper?

“Great variety to learn even if you're already in the topic”

I thought I had wide knowledge of how psychology influences consumers' decision-making. The paper showed me how little I actually knew. Despite recognising some biases, most of the time I was completely hooked on what tools we business owners have to make consumers fall in love with our brand. The white paper has its fixed place on my desk as both inspiration and reference book.

Small Business Owner

“Free Brand Audit is a no brainer”

I am not only excited about how much valuable and compact content LOF provided for free in this white paper, but was totally thrilled that they even offer a 30-minute brand audit session that is truly worth it. This coaching session provides personalised guidance on how to improve your company's marketing efforts and capitalise on the insights presented in the white paper. Definitely recommend!

Medium-sized Business Owner

“Easy applicable for own campaigns”

I was highly impressed by how the white paper sheds light on the various ways in which cognitive biases impact consumer decision-making — and surprised how often we are still falling victim despite knowing better. Good for us marketers, the paper provides valuable insights on how we can easily leverage and apply these biases to create more effective campaigns.

Performance Marketer
About the author

Florian Haberler

Florian has been geeking out over cognitive biases ever since his freshman year in Psychology. He was determined to become a true master in the field, which led him to pursue a Master's degree in Behavioural economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Even after working for a major consulting firm, which is all about numbers and logic, he still saw cognitive biases influencing decision-making everywhere.
Now, he's putting his knowledge to good use with LOF Branding, where he's helping small- and medium-sized businesses harness the power of cognitive biases to take their brands to the next level.

Download the White paper

Download the white paper to master consumers' decision-making

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