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Brand research, strategy and content production

Picking the right niche in a saturated market
Like many online retailers, VANN was struggling to pick a niche. Time to make a data-based choice to unleash their potential.
Armed with target group research, we rolled out a strategy and used this as basis for stunning new content.
The renewed brand feels fluid and spot-on, targeting the right people. Meet the ultimate drinking bottle.

Brand and marketing strategy

Tapping into a new market for a private submarine manufacturer
After many successful submersible launches, U-Boat Worx brought a complete new product to the market. This asked for a fitting online strategy.
Brand research allowed us to understand the new customer segment and formed the basis for the marketing strategy.
U-Boat Worx now has a firm basis for the marketing of their latest pride, and can start implementing the strategy to make the product a true success.

Brand strategy and storytelling

Matching brand story with company services
A group of Dutch garden and landscape specialists joins forces to help people get the green living environment they've always dreamed of. That message only just needed to be reflected on their website.
A thorough brand audit gave us a head start for strategy consulting, to build a strong brand story for this team of green specialists.
The brand story now matches the company’s services, while capturing the target audience's attention the right way.

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