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Brand discovery, strategy and content production

Picking the right niche in a saturated market
VANN faced the challenge of finding their niche in a saturated market, competing against established brands with strong reputations and competitive pricing.
We conducted in-depth market research, such as competitor analysis, interviews, surveys, and social media and web analytics, to gain maximum insights. Based on this we were able to map out the possibilities for VANN's positioning strategy.
Our collaboration with VANN led to impressive outcomes: a renewed and captivating brand identity that resonated with the target audience, resulting in a remarkable +91% increase in orders, a notable +44% growth in returning customers, and an impressive +63% rise in website visitors.

Brand and marketing strategy

Tapping into a new market for a private submarine manufacturer
After many successful submersible launches, U-Boat Worx brought a complete new product to the market making luxury underwater experiences accessible to a broader audience.. This asked for a fitting online strategy.
We identified the target audience, implemented a strategic plan to raise brand awareness, and utilised performance marketing tools to drive sales.
U-Boat Worx now has a firm basis for the marketing of their latest pride, and can start implementing the strategy to make the product launch a true success.

Brand strategy and storytelling

Matching brand story with company services
De Bloeimeesters, a renowned landscape specialist in the Netherlands, needed to align their brand story with the desires of their target group amidst a surge of media attention.
We revamped their website, focusing on creating a captivating storyline that resonated with the target audience and showcased the team's extensive gardening expertise.
By crafting a compelling brand narrative centred around holistic gardening design, we positioned De Bloeimeesters as the ultimate authority in the field, captivating visitors and driving conversions through engaging storytelling on their website.

Brand discovery

Positioning an energy label supplier in a saturated market
We collaborated with EPAplus, an energy label supplier, to address the challenge of establishing a distinct position in a competitive market.
We conducted extensive brand discovery, including research, competitor analysis, and target audience definition, to redefine EPAplus' brand strategy. This involved analysing unique selling points, utilising web analytics and social media metrics, and developing in-depth personas through audience interviews.
Our efforts provided EPAplus with invaluable insights serving as a foundation for the subsequent brand strategy, empowering EPAplus to elevate their business and thrive in the industry.


Delivering an exclusive brand visual for a law firm’s new website
Fürst & Partner, a prestigious law firm, sought to revamp its brand visual identity for their upcoming website launch, aiming to convey professionalism, expertise, and reliability while standing out from competitors.
We were tasked with capturing exclusive portrait photos of the firm's partners and key staff members, as well as atmospheric shots showcasing their beautiful offices.
Our exclusive brand visual, combining contemporary portrait photos and atmospheric shots, effectively communicated the law firm's values and modern approach, setting them apart from competitors and resonating with the target audience.


Combining performance marketing with a strong employer brand
Schwill GmbH Metall-Technik, a reputable family business in Bavaria, struggled to find suitable employees despite previous marketing efforts.
Collaborating with Carsten Seeberger Marketing optimising Schwill GmbH's performance marketing and we created a compelling employer brand through engaging content and targeted distribution.
The campaign yielded immediate success, attracting suitable employees within weeks and solidifying Schwill GmbH's reputation as an appealing employer, setting them apart from competitors in the industry.

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